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IT solutions for all situations

Adaptable and scalable IT partner that fits your business like a glove. Let's witness the rise in productivity together.

N2Con IT partner

N2CON is managed IT services for SF & Silicon Valley...

N2con for CEO and Owners

CEOs & Owners

IT partner for your growth strategy and operational stability as you scale. Your business is now ready for technology guidance!

N2con for Startups


IT partner for those resourceful fearless innovators. It's been lean, you've patched setups, but you're ready to get your systems in order. You scaled!

N2con for COOs


IT partner for those that manage the daily flow and finances. You're ready for seamless operations without the IT disruptions. You're about to look good!

N2con for IT Staff

IT Staff

IT partner for your resourceful IT dept. You're ready to augment your team and collective brain power. You're about to form a tech powerhouse!

N2con for your IT strategy

Will you finally get to your IT strategy in 2021?

Do you have your IT plan on a folded piece of paper, tucked deeply in your desk drawer?

 ✅ Check off your all-important tech strategy and don't wait until your next emergency.

✅ Avoid constantly fixing the small immediate problems as they arise and focus on solving the bigger issues. 

 ✅ Create a cost-effective IT environment that keeps everyone humming along.

Jump on a free consultation and create a clear technology strategy for your business.

M60 TueNAS

A TrueNAS partner

Upgrade your IT

N2Con Technologist


A dedicated account advisor will guide you with technical support for your infrastructure and devices.


A dedicated technologist is assigned to each account to provide expert support.

Cloud Migration

As a Value add to your IT resources, we provide the missing link in accomplishing the goals of delivering new customers to your choice of cloud services.

Service Center

Our 24/7 service center is there to help you when you need it most.

Project Management

Our project management team is available to all our clients. They work closely with your advisor and technologist to manage any of your IT projects.


Risk assessments that uncover the truth. Slow and unreliable IT issues can hurt business operations. We uncover short-term patchwork fixes and identify and fix systemic issues. 


Free Micro eBook

Insider's TOP 5 Considerations When Moving Your I.T and Apps to the Cloud

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