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A San Ramon Managed IT Services firm
helping Bay Area enterprise companies
manage and secure hybrid work.

Adapting-to-Hybrid-Work IT San Ramon
San Ramon IT Services

The hybrid work dilemma

We were forced to evolve into the new remote work environment. Now you're tackling complex IT, data security, and compliance challenges. And the pains are real:

  • Productivity Dips

  • Open for security threats

  • Work morale and retention is low

  • Costs are rising

Adapting to a new hybrid work environment
shouldn't be so damn hard.

Complex technology and a disjointed tech landscape is creating obstacles to productivity and business success. That's where N2CON, Bay Area's leading IT managed services provider, comes in.

N2CON Worksphere-Solution


N2CON WorkSphere Solution

Our solution integrates remote and in-office teams seamlessly while tackling IT challenges and enhancing productivity. Our IT consulting Bay Area services provide a comprehensive custom approach that fosters collaboration and boosts efficiency.​​

Empower Your
Remote & In-office Teams to Work Together with our San Ramon Cloud Services

Enhance productivity. A well managed hybrid work environment fosters a sense of connection and belonging, boosting morale, engagement, and retention.

  • Streamline Communications & Collaboration Tools

  • Empower Teams to Work Efficiently & Effectively Together

  • Stronger Employee Engagement

FREE, no obligations

Bay Area Cloud Services
N2CON-Cybersecurity in the Bay Area

Security & Compliance

A secure and compliant IT infrastructure protects sensitive data, reduces cyber risks, and maintains adherence to industry regulations. Partnering with a managed IT service provider can help achieve these objectives:

  • Gain or Protect Contracts with Security Compliance

  • Trained Staff in Recognizing Risks with Best Practices

  • Confidently Secure Hybrid Workplace Environments

FREE, no obligations

Business Growth
with Cost-Efficient Operations

Manage a thriving hybrid workplace while Optimizing IT processes and infrastructure to reduce unnecessary expenses.

  • Allow for Business Success, Innovation and Growth

  • Strategic Cost Management

  • Better Allocation of Company Resources

FREE, no obligations

IT consultation Bay Area

How To Get Started

Simple steps to boost productivity and ensure security in today's dynamic work environment"
– Rick Hernandez



Discovery: Share your IT needs and goals.



We'll design your custom IT WorkSphere strategy.



Enjoy seamless implementation and ongoing support.

Rick Hernandez


Rick Hernandez N2CON CEO

Our focus is on
delivering value
to our customers.

We get it. We understand the struggles of managing a secure hybrid work environment. With our expertise, we'll tackle productivity, security, compliance, and engagement challenges, empowering your business to thrive with our IT outsourcing services.

Serving the Bay Area since 1998

San Ramon's N2CON IT Manged Services

N2CON's role in your story

We help CEOs, executives and IT directors who seek to elevate their company's performance. 

In a world of ever-evolving technology with hybrid work models, you face the challenges of managing complex IT processes, safeguarding sensitive data, and staying compliant with industry regulations.


We get you.

At N2CON Managed IT Services, we understand your pain. With a tailored approach, we provide you with the tools and expertise needed to streamline IT operations, enhance productivity, and foster business growth.

Together, we'll tackle the challenges of "everywhere work", data security and regulatory compliance, ensuring your company's valuable information remains protected and within industry guidelines.

As our partnership thrives, and it will, you'll start to see cost management and predictable pricing structures, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on your core business objectives.


Ultimately, together we'll achieve success, confidently steering your company toward a brighter, more prosperous future.


We're here to support you in your story of success. Request your consultation today.

Managed IT Services for the Bay Area

A San Ramon firm serving the Bay Area. We help enterprise clients get their tech right in San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton and surrounding cities. Speak to an IT professional today!

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